Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally heard something

I finally heard something from someone in my home church about their pastor passing away. It was actually a response to the prayer request for my wife's surgery. In any case, I was quite saddened/alarmed to hear that the church hasn't yet ordered any Lottie Moon Offering promotional material and was wondering whether or not the offering would be "worthy" this year.



Kevin, Somewhere in South America said...


"Yikes" is too soft. "Ouch!" is even too soft. I am sure you have considered writing your church all the reasons they want to participate in a Lottie Moon offering. Let's pray they have a change of heart.

Ken said...



Worthy? Is the LMCO worthy? Unfortunately, many SBC churches ask the same question every year. We still have not done a good job in getting the message out to Baptists.

Hang in there and encourage those you can to make a difference.