Friday, November 14, 2008

A summary for convenience sake

I've noticed that many folks are still accessing Nomad 4 God and for that I thank the Lord. For convenience's sake, I have assembled the essence of the blog in the following posts.

If you are interested in Mission and do not know where to turn, you can call the International Mission Board toll free at 1-800-999-3113. Mission opportunities are available to persons of almost any age.

I urge you to contribute to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions. You can contribute directly by clicking here.

May God bless you as you seek to serve Him.

Monday, January 07, 2008

What it's like: post-script (staying home)

Today is the day that we would have returned overseas from furlough if we had not resigned. It has been a very hard day. We have had all kinds of feelings, ranging from sadness to giddiness. From reflectiveness to feelings of anticipation.

There is a large part of me that wonders what my colleagues think about me. After all, our lives intertwined so much for so long. There is another part of me that says since I am following God, it doesn't matter what others think of me. I just sincerely didn't want to discourage my fellow missionaries from the task at hand. Of course, I can't help but to think about all the wonderful things that God would have done had we stayed. That is moot, since He is going to be doing so many wonderful things here on the home mission field.

I am truly enjoying being a pastor; I NEVER thought I would. I see God use me each Sunday as He gives me the words to say; words that I would have never thought of on my own.

Yes, it is bittersweet; I would have loved to have gone back, but I dare not disobey. My place is serving at God's direction. I wouldn't rather be any other place in the whole world.

I anticipate this being my last post on Nomad 4 God. I will however not delete this blog, but leave it up as a tribute to God's grace.