Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Tiny Glimpse of Heaven

We attend an international fellowship here in the 10/40 Window. It truly is an international fellowship. This morning, was our "missions emphasis" Sunday and we had a big lunch and missions presentations and a missions speaker. The tiny glimpse of heaven was this: there were people from every corner of the earth present at the service. I personally greeted people in Swahili, French, Portugese, at least two local languages, English, and of course, the dialect of the "Greatest State in the Union". There was a man and his son dressed in Scottish kilts, another man and his family dressed in East African robes, and a family from India all dressed in their saris and suits. It was way too cool.

I remember growing up and hearing about the church an old aunt of mine attended in Garland, TX. It was Church of Christ or Disciples of Christ or something like that. They actually believed that their little congregation in Garland was the ONLY church going to Heaven. I still can hardly believe that after all these years. How sad to think that folks don't understand that it pleases God to hear praises and prayers from all the peoples of the earth.

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