Thursday, April 19, 2007

Really Encouraged

I was at the mall Wednesday getting something before I make a trip to a GIC (Global Impact Conference). I was trying to get some information from the lady at the information booth. While there, an older man walked up and she moved away from me and told the man that she missed him at church last Sunday night and asked him if he was going to be there that night. He made some excuses then she went on to say how important it was for him to go to church and that they really miss him when he doesn't come. She told him that he was important to her and the church and wanted to make sure that he knew that.

I was impressed.

That was one of the very few times I have happened to be privy to a conversation like that, with me being completely on the outside. After the man walked off, I asked her a few things, first of all where she went to church. She told me it was one of the local SBC churches! PTL! She went on to tell me that the man wasn't a member of her church, but only a sporadic visitor. She said she didn't even know if he had ever accepted Christ, but was trying to make sure he had every opportunity.

Bless her heart! That just made my whole day.

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