Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Task

At David Rogers' (whom I greatly respect) suggestion, I have reposted my story about "Dawn".

I am greatly saddened by the events of today, but it brings home again, the sense of urgency we have as believers. And the importance of our task.

Folks, there is a battle for souls. Satan will do anything to steal them away. The Lamb of God has paid the greatest price for those souls and HE ALONE deserves their worship.

Join in the work. Either by your presence, your prayers, or your presents. Pray for laborers for the Harvest for the harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.

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S.A.M. said...

Nomad, it is O.K. for your heart to be broken for this lost sheep, but she is not ours to save. You have planted a seed in her, and in the people who slipped through the net. We need to rejoice,for it is the Lord who is planted in her heart now, and He is going to work. You must simply go on about your work for the Lord, as I know you have, and continue to lift her up before the Father. Bless you for your passion in this particular manner.