Wednesday, February 28, 2007


That is the only word to describe it, unless it is disappointed.

Yesterday, I had a post about leading a young woman to the Lord in my target country, which is a restricted country.

Today, I pulled that post down after receiving the following email from that same woman:

Dear (Nomad),

Thanks for all of your kindness. I realized that one person can not have two believes, so I am not a Christian. I apologize for my mistake.

Good day ahead!

Best Regards
(young woman)

I am so sad for her. I don't have any other information. I emailed her back and told her that Jesus was still waiting for her and would be until the day she dies.

Please pray for her. For security sake, let's call her Dawn.


David Rogers said...

Although I didn't post a comment, I had rejoiced with you when I read your last post, and I feel the pain with you in this post. I have had pretty much the same thing happen to me on several occasions. I wonder if it might not be interesting to go ahead and leave your original post on-line together with this one. I think the two together give some good insight into what we sometimes go through on the mission field, and might help some to be more understanding and pray with more knowledge regarding what we are about.

I pray God will encourage you greatly, and that you can sense His smile upon you, as you strive to be faithful to Him and His call in your life.

S.A.M. said...

No matter what "Dawn" believes, she needs to know she is still a child of the MOST HIGH GOD! Her beliefs do not change that ever!
I and my family will pray for her as well as those around her.

Debbie said...

Nomad: The post prior to this one, along with this post, impacted me. It opened my eyes to something I hadn't considered in the mission field. It's even more reason to continue praying. Thank you for being open.

Strider said...

Hey Brother, It has happened here as well. It hurts a lot. Two bits of advice. Don't chase her down. Jesus did not chase down the rich young ruler when he walked away. Don't give up. In spite of some simplistic teaching in some of our home churches salvation is a complicated and sometimes long process. Keep praying.

Nomad said...

Thanks to everyone who has left a comment or sent an email of encouragment; I really appreciate you all.