Monday, May 14, 2007

Update on my grandma's church

Well, I preached yesterday at my grandmother's church. To give you some background, this is the church that dismantled the indigent clothes closet because they "didn't want that riff-raff coming in and out" of their church. Since then, they also made it clear to me that they weren't going to give me an honorarium because I was still on full salary with the IMB and didn't need the money. They are correct; I don't need their money. (at this point, I don't want it, either)

So, for the past 6 weeks or so, I have been praying about what to preach on. I specifically didn't want my emotions to get away with me and prevent God getting the glory for yesterday. So, I ended up preaching on James 2:1-13. I called the sermon "Prescription for an Ailing Church". I was gracious, but I didn't hold back. I told them that they were a sick church and they needed fixing and anyone who didn't see that their church was in trouble was part of the problem. My whole family attended, since it was Mother's Day. I saw many, many mouths gape open wide at much that I had to say. Again, I was gracious, told them I needed to hear it as much as they did, and the reason that I was saying what I was saying was because I loved them and wanted them to be the very best they could be.

Last night, I showed slides about our missionary life. I challenged them and encouraged them to reach our of their comfort zone and reach the people around them. I did a mini-sermon on Acts 1:8 before I showed the slides (PowerPoint) Afterwards there was an ice cream social. I mentioned at the beginning of the slide show that several people had been offended by what I said, due to the number of folks, (n0ticably deacons) who weren't there that night who normally were. I went on to explain that since most of what I had to say was scripture, that they were offended by the Word of God and were under conviction by the Holy Spirit.

Many people who attended last night told me how much they appreciated what I had to say. They said they felt like their toes got stepped on, but that was OK as they hadn't been stepped on in a very long time.

Pray for this little church. Pray that God would get a hold of them and really shake them up. For HIS glory!


Anonymous said...


I stand and salute you for your courage and obedience to be truth-speaker. That is awesome! Good for you. We need more of that. I know exactly what type of church you're referencing...old crotchety deacons who run the church like a mafia. For shame. Hope you're otherwise having a great time with family.
--A reader in Tenn.

Debbie said...

It's not a healthy church who would call people in need riff raff. I too applaud you and pray that there will be more like you, not afraid to speak the truth in love. It reminds me of the old joke.."Well I've never" and the answer "I bet you haven't." Kudos nomad.

Strider said...

Good work Nomad. If I read your blog right your speaking the truth was not surprising. Letting them know you are doing it out of love for them is harder and I to salute your efforts. We pray for this Church and the thousands like it that they may get up and get ready for the coming Bridegroom.