Sunday, August 27, 2006

Culture Stress

I define culture stress as "having it up to here (hands pointing to the top of your head) in dealing with your host culture". I know that isn't the MLC definition, but it works for me. (I heard they changed it to ILC; another paradigm shift?)

I am dealing with a bit of culture stress. Specifically, the bus system. Being in the country I am in, I am not afforded a vehicle by my region. I really miss having a vehicle. I don't mind taking the bus, especially since they are now (mostly) air conditioned. You can get around to anywhere on the bus, or a combination of buses. There are several different bus companies/systems in the city where I live. There is the regular bus service then a series of smaller independent type bus services. They are very convenient, but the system is hard to figure out. A few minutes ago, I tried to catch one of these smaller buses. The driver let a whole slew of passengers off his bus, but waved me off when I tried to get on. For the life of me, I can't figure out why. So, while walking on home, I was left to ponder the reasons why. I never came up with a good explanation, which leaves me with culture stress.

I think I am ready for furlough, oops, I mean Stateside Assignment (another paradigm shift).

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I am so far out of the loop that I have not even heard of the paradiam (ILC and Last Frontiers, etc.) shifts. Gee, you think they would tell some of us OUT here. Oh well, I will just keep dodging the various hazards of life in my part of the 10/40 Window: lifestock, beggars, rickshaws, three-wheeler danger wagons, pull carts, Hugh trucks, Hugh busses, bicycles, unmarked mystery holes in the road, etc. And, there is no reason to how transportation works out here. I have decided traffic is God's way of showing me throughout the day He is in control.