Tuesday, August 29, 2006

No disrespect intended

I respect my fellow bloggers who are much more educated than me, are better thinkers than me, and are better debaters than me. However, for me personally I would much rather talk about this Calvin:

than this one:

The main reason is this: most people whom I have contact with care more about the first than the second. True, the first is just pretend. But the second is dead. It's not that I don't understand the implications of the second, but the first one is just a whole lot more fun. Discussion of the second one seems to depress me, mostly because it turns into fruitless arguing.

(Unfortunately, I tend to identify more with the first, inasmuch as I am easily distracted and tend to spend a lot of time daydreaming.)

I like this kind a tulips:

a whole lot more than this tulip:

But that is just me. A plain ole simple small town boy who ain't very good with big words and lofty ideas. I like the poster on Ken Sorrell's blog that says "With Jesus in my heart and a Bible in my hand, I have everything I need to start a new church."


Isabel said...

Hey...I like this blog. Would you mind if I linked to it?

Nomad said...

Link away!

Monte said...

I've enjoyed reading through some of your most recent posts. My wife and I were with the IMB, appointed under the FMB for a total of 17 years, if you include journeyman service. I had to laugh to myself as I read some of the things you said and could sooo identify--your story of the bus is priceless--been there, done that. ;-)

We returned to the States four years ago. We had just completed a "Stateside Assignment", although we always called it furlough, and had only been back on the field about 6 mos., when the mandate to sign the 2000 BF&M came along. We had already been through so many "paradigm shifts", and I can so relate to your seeming frustration with this. Sometimes we just wanted the Board to leave us alone and let us do our work. I got so tired of having to explain to nationals (Baptist leadership) about all the changes of our administration. It just seemed like we would only change when along came another and we had to change again. Then it would be some policy, or then we all became church planters (which we grew to like--BTW), or then it was another reorganization, or then it was "New Directions". But when the mandate to sign the BF&M came along, we just looked at each other and said--enough--there has to be another way to do missions without all of the administrative overhead. Somehow, I don't think it was ever meant to be like that.

You may find over time that the paradigm shifts taking place at the IMB are as stressful as the stresses coming from your host country.

I wish things could be different and pray that someday they will be. Few of us want to play politics. We just want to be missionaries.

I'm glad you have blogging as an outlet. I will be glad to pray for you since I know some of what you deal with.