Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Paradigm Shift

I am currently at a meeting with many of my colleagues. I learned that I missed yet another paradigm shift. The IMB is no longer refering to the 10/40 window as the "10/40 window", but as the "Last Frontier".

I had seen in some of the literature and stuff where they were using "Last Frontier", but I didn't realize that they weren't using "10/40 Window" anymore.

Well, tough. I happen to like the term "10/40 Window". I'll continue to use it until I get my own "pair of dimes".


A 10-40 Window Missionary said...


does that mean that I need to change my screen name? Naaaaaaah, I have always been behind the power curve, so why change now.

By the way, how many paragigm shifts do you recall?

Nomad said...

T/F W M,
Sorry I haven't responded before now... I have been out of pocket.

Do we have enough fingers to name them all? I'm sure I can't name my "favorite" one.

BTW, I used to use "Missionary in the 10/40 Window" when I commented on Wade's and others' blog. I decided to get an identity that afforded me an easier pen name.

Keep yours; it is a great nomer.

Ranger said...

Actually my understanding is that last frontier peoples are mainly in the 10/40 window, but specifically any people group that is under 2% evangelical with no active church planting. There are a few of those outside of the 10/40 as well where the IMB has had a recent focus, i.e. Indonesia.

Nomad said...


Thanks for the clarification!

Anonymous said...

Do you realize that this lingo tells you more about the theology of some folks in RVA than it does about their understanding of geography? "Last Frontier" means that some folks that think Jesus is waiting on the SBC to come up with a good enough strategy to facilitate a CPM among all the final Unengaged UPGs, "and then the end will come". I guess we should get Kirk Cameron's hit performance dubbed in the mother tounge so that the "left behind" eschatology makes it to the last frontier just on the heels of the CPM and just seconds before the rapture.