Sunday, February 04, 2007

Off Subject

This is completely off the subject of missions, but I thought I might mention it for the benefit of other missionaries living around the world. I was able to watch the superbowl today LIVE through the TVU player. We actually even had a little party with food and stuff, and had a great time hollering and yelling like the Americans we are. Times where you can be "American" are few and far in between, but the Superbowl is one of them.

We had a DSL connection and only had a few instances where it was "jerky". We hooked it up to our LCD projector and watched it on a screen somewhere around the 52" limit. Since we didn't have a measuring tape, we can't be sure.


nancy said...

Hey Nomad,
You forgot to mention this was early in the morning; the food shared was a breakfast buffet! :-)

A Colleague said...

Hey, thanks for the tip! It works great...