Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sense of Urgency

Why can't I live my life like there is no tomorrow? Specifically, why don't I treat every pre-believer I meet like today is their last day on earth? It would sure work out better that way.

Without going into too much detail (because of security stuff), I have been traveling into a nearby restricted country to do language study. I happen to live in a less restricted area to do my particular work assignment. Since we are getting ready for furlough, I decided that I needed to return to my teachers one last time and "draw the net". (we are 'fishers of men' right?) I had casted the net for several months, but had not really drawn it up, thinking I had more time. But, since I won't be back with them for a very long time, I decided that it was time.

So, with prayer and preparation, I set out this morning to have the talk with my teacher and a few others. I tried to draw the net around my teacher, but she slipped through. However, she got a really, really good view on the inside of the net, so I don't think she would slip through again, if offered the chance. I spoke with the "school" language director. She got gloriously caught in the net. I spoke with the "school" receptionist. She slipped through and didn't seem to be very happy about being close to the net. I also went to talk with a shopkeeper and her husband. the husband walked away mid-sentence and she seemed interested about getting into the net "someday".

So, back to the one in the net. It was way cool. She has always seemed "standoff-ish", but today was her appointment with the King of Kings. I had a bi-lingual tract with me, as I am not anywhere close to being able to share in that particular language. After we went through it, she said she needed to think about it some more and might consider it later. I told her that today was the day of salvation and she needed to not hesitate any longer. She said she wasn't going to without reading it again. I told her to take it to her office and go read it. She did. She came back about 15 minutes later and said that she was ready to pray that prayer. She did. After a little explaining, praying, and rejoicing, I was telling her a few things about spiritual growth and told her that she needed to tell others. I gave her the assignment to tell 5 other people this week and asked her "who?" Immediately, she said her husband and her father. I then suggested the other two folks who had slipped through the net in the "school". She was up for the task, then I saw the work of the Holy Spirit as she said without being prompted, "Yes, it is my responsibility to tell others about Jesus, isn't it?" YAHOOOOOOOOO! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! Then, I felt compelled to do something I have never done before after leading someone to the Lord; I felt I needed to say a blessing over her, Old Testament style. I really felt the power of the Lord with me and said things that I've never thought of saying before. I honestly can't adequately describe my feelings about being a part of this.

Now then, when all this is said and rejoiced about, comes my original question. Why can't I treat every day as a pre-believer's last day on earth? Why do I think there will be plenty of time tomorrow? How many people must perish without knowing the Truth? Why can't the same sense of urgency that God has in getting people reconciled to Him be uttermost in my daily life? How many more must die in darkness before we, as the church, take His mission seriously?

May God have mercy on us all.


Anonymous said...

Why can't WE live as if it was OUR last day on Earth?

Just as the pre-believer is not promised tomorrow on Earth, neither are we.

Our sense of urgency, from so many perspectives, has decreased. So many people just don't see the need.

Wake UP! Look UP! Your redemption is drawing close.

Are YOU ready? (

See, even your Government is wanting you to prepare. :)

S.A.M. said...

Nomad, I look forward to reading your posts. My family and I are going to South Asia for IMB.

Kevin Bussey said...

Great question to ponder... No great question to act.

bryan riley said...

And here we know the King of all Kings!!! But we are so slow to introduce Him to others.